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Barking Happiness Booking Benefits

Total Wellness: You want the best for your furry friend, so we offer top-notch dog walking services that cater to their needs and provide them with exercise, socialization, and love.

Prevention: most veterinarians see their patients when they are sick. We work with you to craft a comprehensive wellness plan that improves your dog’s long-term health and quality of life

Convenience: we can see your dog while he or she is receiving other services like grooming and overnight care without your having to be present and provide transportation anywhere that is necessary. We also offer telemedicine.

Experience: our dedicated and compassionate team average 5 years or more in caring of canine.



Before we begin, please include all information and detailed instructions in the application. If you want to add or change any information, we require all corrections/updates to be emailed to We we are not responsible for misinterpreted verbal requests, or handwritten and chat notes lacking details. Please allow a 2-hour time frame for the walk to start (1-hour time frame for crated puppies under 1 year old).

To preserve our walkers schedules we are asking for a minimum of 4 walks per week or a 16 walks per month commitment for the same time frame. We offer 1 hour minimum walks between 10:30am-5pm, during non holiday Mon – Fri that are requested at least a week in advance – we might make some exceptions for last minute emergency request or special circumstances. We’re here to help so please contact us and let us know your special request and will try our best to accommodate you.

If you need less than 16 walks a month or ad hoc walks: If your pup can walk with others in a group, and you can provide us at least 3 hours time frame and are flexible with the duration of the walks, we might be able to accommodate some of the requests depending on walkers availability.

Late cancelation fee of $8 for any services (except for Boarding) canceled after 10pm the night before will apply, service adjustments need to be requested by 10pm the night before and approved by us; Full price of a walk/visit will apply for any cancelations made within 2 hours of the scheduled time frame; $85 for pet sitting when canceled less than 24 hours before the start. All same day cancelations, adjustments and requests must must be submitted through Please wait for us to approve the change or request to make sure it’s confirmed.

Canceling on Barking Happiness website: click on the appointment, edit and cancel buttons will appear.

2) Canceling or reducing the duration of a service by emailing us: Please make sure to allow at least 12 work hours between your cancelation/adjustment email and scheduled walk that you want to cancel to avoid late cancelation fee stated above.

3) Calling us during the office hours and canceling by phone: Same rules apply as in canceling/ adjusting by Barking Happiness.

All payments for recurring weekly walks are due before rendered services. Currently we accept cash, and credit card. Please note there is an extra 4.9% fee applied to credit card payments.

Once we accept your four legged friend into our service, which could take up to three walks, we will be billing you 16 walks at a time which covers the required minimum. 

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